Monday, May 7, 2012

No Such Thing As Too Much Chocolate

I've said that my whole life. I like chocolate on top of chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. Just saying, I LOVE CHOCOLATE

(I better apologize to all chocolate lovers here at the beginning, and tell you this is actually a horror story...)

Several years ago in Seattle at The Chocolate Box, I ordered a drinking chocolate, and was greeted with this cute little 4 oz. espresso-sized cup. 
European Drinking Chocolate
As it turns out, that was the perfect amount. Although, I must admit, I really wanted more. It was like drinking melted chocolate.(...Something I've always wanted to do....)

Flash forward to a few weeks ago, and I was in Chocolate Heaven! My first trip to San Francisco, CA. I never knew what a chocolate lovers haven it was. Of course I had heard of Ghirardelli Square,

 but  I actually saw Chocolate Heaven!

The Chocolate Store

I ate chocolate covered confections in Chinatown:
Chocolate covered moon cakes: coconut & black bean, and Mini Lotus Moon cake. Yummy!

and many advertisements blatantly enticed me to eat more chocolate:

Important Info for Insomniacs like Myself!

It was a cool, rainy day. Munching on free chocolate samples at Ghirardelli Square, we decided to order hot chocolate from the Ghirardelli Chocolate Caffe. They have a few choices. My husband chose the **NEW** Lombard Street Hot Chocolate. They give you a cup of hot milk, and four Ghirardelli Truffle Squares to stir in yourself.

 It's interactive!

But I saw on the menu: DRINKING CHOCOLATE. Of course I ordered it. The kid behind the counter tried to talk me out of it. He explained it's much thicker and richer than any of the other hot chocolate choices. My eyes lit up.... I nearly ordered two as he explained the liquid confection. Oh and it comes with a biscotti..... Yay! 
He handed me the warm cup. It's smell intoxicating, it looked like melted chocolate. A non-chocolate biscotti? What kind of treachery is this?  Whatever, I don't really need that silly thing anyway do I? I took a first sip, and it reminded me of the European Drinking Chocolate I had had in Seattle years ago. Only this was no silly little 4 ounce cup; this was eight ounces of molten heaven....
A couple of sips and I thought, "What the heck?" I unwrapped that sad little chocolate-less biscotti and I dipped it in the cup. The cookie emerged with a coating of chocolate. 

"WOW!"  That's why they gave it to me.... I crunched into it.  My hubby made some comment about how I'd probably had enough chocolate for the day by now surely? So to be the smart-alec that I am, I reached for the cocoa powder sprinkle that was there for the coffee bunch and sprinkled some in. "There's NO SUCH THING as enough chocolate!" I declared. 

Kid in a candy store-- Literally!  A few more sips, and I could really see how thick the chocolate was. It was clinging to the cup even while hot! 

OK, this is where the story goes awry. Remember, I told you I had been eating free chocolate samples? Not only that, but I had been eating all day. I look over and hubby is done and ready to move on to the next tourist spot. No problem, that's why I have a good ol' American paper, to go cup. I'm only a little more than half way done with my liquid heaven. 

So we move along. Remember I tell you that it was a cold day? A few minutes outside and my liquid chocolate is getting cold and thicker. It becomes incredibly difficult to drink. :( 

I actually said **GULP*** (Dare I admit this?) 

"This is too much, I can't finish it." o.O

and about a quarter of this wonderment went into a trash bin near the bus stop. 

Don't worry, I recovered quite quickly. On our layover in Las Vegas I made an Ethel M. stop. 


  1. haha you hit your threshold...i love it

    1. Can't believe I admitted it, but I guess confession is good for the soul.