Friday, July 20, 2012

Making Fun of SkyMall

If you are a traveler, then you are probably familiar with the Sky Mall Magazine that's conveniently located in your seat-back pocket. Yes, you know the one, filled with novel ideas that only the boredom of a six hour flight could induce you to buy. Capitalism at its best... Hold you hostage and make you believe it's something you can't live with out and you can't get any where else!!!! Buy, Buy, BUY!! Now, now, NOW!!!!

A few examples:
For the germ-phobe (** finger points to self**) kill bacteria
with the wave of a UV wand!!! Disinfect everything...
like this dirty plane I'm sitting on......
My mom actually needs this. She used to be a photographer,
and has a whole cabinet  (or  2, or  3...) full of negatives.
Doesn't your car need CAR LASHES????
I should buy this for some of my aunts, brother,
& other family members! Christmas Gifts?
This was just funny to me because Alex is my kid & Jack is my
That's kind of cool... Looks like books, pull them out of the table
& you've got chairs. Want to lend me $1k?
This is me!
Why Carry your luggage, when it can carry you?
Get a DNA test for Fido.... This way you will know his heritage...
Potty Train your cat.... or put her in a cement mixer...
oh wait, that's a self-cleaning litter box.... my mistake!
Buy this laser-powered, hair-growing helmet.
We won't make fun of you, Promise.... ** crossing fingers **
For my geeky math buddies, this is actually kind of neat.
Oh, wait, does that make me an L 7 like my dad said?
Disco in the Shower! 
Another shirt for me... and my gun-toting aunties....
because garden gnomes aren't creepy enough....
Migraine magic... If this works, it would be
worth the teasing that comes with it.
What, shorts that hold your beer for you?
Gift Idea for my Bro....
Another Dork product, this time for the Lawyer inside all of us...
Well, my dog does try to eat his leash anyways...
Why not make him think it's a hot dog?
Cat box/Table. I totally want to hang my towel on that....
Comes in White or Walnut! Hey, if you are going to have your cat poop
in the towel-holding, bathroom table, why not get a matching
end table/nightstand to kennel the dog in?

Another Nerd Helmet.. This one is for tension!

One more creepy one! 

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