Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Attempt at Miso Soup!

Click Here for Recipe!

Actually, the recipe was called Ginger Miso Seafood Broth. I saw Ching-He Huang make it on Cooking Channel, and I had to try it even if it was the middle of summer.  

Miso- Soybean paste, found it in the
refrigerated section at the Asian Grocery Store.
As usual, there were a few ingredients in the recipe I couldn't get a hold of.... and even more importantly, some I didn't like and completely omit (i.e. CILANTRO... blech!My review on the recipe may not be  completely fair because of this...

Luckily, I was able to visit a real city recently to pick up some miso... There was no bok choy to be had in this little town, so I used Spinach. Also I used mostly salmon because it's what I had on hand. 

I have to say I'm not a big fan of tofu, but it's tolerable in this soup.  The ginger is what initially attracted me to the soup, but I have to admit if I make this again, I would cut back on the ginger a bit... and I would probably grate it... well, then again, since it's in big chunks, I guess you could fish it out of the soup if you wanted... I think I would leave the fish out. Hubby liked it, but he's much more of a seafood eater than I am.... I'm thinking MEAT!! lol Also, I added parsley in place of the cilantro...

Thinly Slicing Ginger

And as I said, it's summer; it was 100 degrees F today, so I also had this delicious "personal size" watermelon. It was so yummy. I really could have personally ate the whole thing myself, but I shared! ;) 

**Tip: Use a spoon to scrap the skin off of your ginger root. 

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